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Focus on glucosamine

Nicola Cook
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Suggestions that glucosamine will give safe and effective relief from symptoms of osteoarthritis are readily embraced by the public. What is known about the use of glucosamine in osteoarthritis?

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What is glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring aminomonosaccharide that is a major component of the glycosaminoglycans forming the connective tissue matrix. It is taken up by chondrocytes and incorporated into proteoglycans secreted into the extracellular matrix. Radioactively-labelled glucosamine is incorporated into many tissues (including cartilage) within four hours of ingestion.

Glucosamine is available as a sulfate or hydrochloride salt. Most research has used the sulfate salt, but both are well absorbed compared with sodium chondroitin sulfate (less than 10% of which is absorbed). The hydrochloride salt is purer and should therefore be more potent; however, the recommended dose is the same.