Feature Article

Breastfeeding – help!

Patricia McVeagh



Breastfeeding is a learned art, and competent support for mothers is important. The answers to the questions in this article, while not being comprehensive, highlight aspects of breastfeeding that may be useful in practice.

Key Points

  • The major advantages of breastfeeding are experienced not only by infants, mothers and families living in developing countries, but also by those living in developed countries.
  • Lactation is often not well understood by mothers and their supporters; they thus require consistent, appropriate health professional advice.
  • Being aware of the natural history and variations in lactation is important for GPs to help mothers prevent and manage breastfeeding problems.
  • Have available the contacts of others in your area, who can provide mothers with additional support, such as Nursing Mothers’ Association of Australia counsellors, early childhood clinics, family care centres and lactation consultants.