Feature Article

Cosmetic surgery. Part 2: popular procedures for body enhancement

Darryl J Hodgkinson



Public interest in cosmetic surgery is intense, and GPs need to have reliable, up-to-date information about the popular procedures so they can advise their patients appropriately. Part 2 of this article discusses a variety of options that are available for those who wish to enhance the appearance of their bodies.

Key Points

  • Breast augmentation continues to be popular. All patients should be aware of the potential complications and the possibilities of implant failure or even removal in the future.
  • The breast reduction procedure is highly satisfactory for most patients, alleviating back strain, postural slumping, brassiere strap pressure and subareolar inframammary intertrigo.
  • The efficacy of liposuction is well established for improving body contour and reducing fatty accumulations that are resistant to a sensible diet and exercise. Patient satisfaction is highly dependent on both the surgeon’s expertise and artistic sensibility.
  • The body lift is the most extensive body contour operation, and patients must fully comprehend the extent of scarring that is involved. The results can be very satisfying, but appropriate selectivity of cases is essential.
  • It is unlikely that a successful outcome from a technically competent procedure will content patients who have certain personality inadequacy disorders, such as body dysmorphophobia or narcissism. It is important to fully screen all potential patients both medically and psychologically.