Clinical case review

A 15-year-old boy showing signs of schizophrenia

John Ellard



A quiet, reserved 15-year-old boy has an unshakeable belief that a particular episode of a TV program has been put on especially for him. His mother is concerned about him? What should be done?

Article Extract

Case scenario

One of my patients mentioned in passing that she was concerned about her 15-year-old son. He had always been more quiet and reserved than his siblings and his school companions, and he had never done as well at school as had been expected. Nevertheless, she had not really been anxious about him until a week or two ago when he was watching Friends on television with her and her husband. The boy said that he knew for sure that that particular episode had been put on especially for him, and that there was a message in it for the whole family. Nothing could shake his belief. The husband says that it is just adolescence and the boy will grow out of it. My patient doubts it – is she right?