Focus on diabetes

Guessing glycaemia

Pat Phillips



This new series is aimed at helping the busy GP diagnose and manage patients with diabetes and its complications. How would you check the discrepancy in test results in the following case?

Article Extract

Case history

Julie is 64 years old and has had type 2 diabetes for nine years. You are reviewing her as part of her diabetes care plan.

Over the last two years Julie’s HbA1c has increased gradually from 6.8% to the current value of 9.1%; however, her blood glucose values suggest better control. Her blood glucose profile (measured before meals and bed) is as follows:

  • breakfast time, 4 to 7 mmol/L
  • lunchtime, 3 to 8 mmol/L
  • teatime, 4 to 7 mmol/L
  • bedtime, 5 to 8 mmol/L.