Focus on diabetes

Cataract eye disease and diabetes

Pat Phillips



This series is aimed at helping the busy GP diagnose and manage patients with diabetes and its complications. When managing this patient, what issues would you consider?

Article Extract

Case history

Your patient, John, aged 68 years, comments, ‘My eyes feel dry and gritty all the time – is diabetes affecting my eyes?’

John has had type 2 diabetes for eight years. During this time his diabetes control has been moderate (HbA1c 7 to 9%). He also has well-controlled hypertension (blood pressure 120 to 135/70 to 80 mmHg). Otherwise, John has been well, retiring from the family farm only three years ago when he moved to the local town. He has not noted any change in his vision but is very concerned about losing his sight.

You examine John’s eyes and note an abnormality, as shown in Figure 1.