Feature Article

Managing eczema in children

David Orchard



Patients with eczema are best considered as not all having the same disease of differing severity. Each patient has a different predisposition and different triggers for his or her eczema, and management should be tailored to suit the individual.

Key Points

  • Eczema is best thought of as a multifactorial disease with many possible triggers.
  • The age of the child and the presentation and distribution of the eczema help to determine the relative relevance of various eczema triggers.
  • There should be a high suspicion for food allergy in babies with widespread eczema.
  • Corticosteroid ointments are safe to use in children and play an important role in the management of eczema.
  • The life impact of severe eczema is extreme and it is important to gain control of the disease.