Ophthalmology clinic

Corneal transplantation – indications and current techniques

Katie Chen, Graham A Lee



It is important as a primary carer to have an understanding of the indications for surgery, techniques available, postoperative care and potential complications of corneal transplantation so that patients can be appropriately counselled and supported.

Article Extract

Corneal transplantation, also known as corneal grafting or keratoplasty, is a procedure during which a dysfunctional cornea is removed from a patient’s eye and replaced with a healthy clear cornea from a donor. Corneal transplantation restores vision for patients with opacifying or distorting corneal disease. Today, with the establishment of eye banks, it is the most commonly performed and successful transplant surgery. Recent developments include partial thickness grafting, enabling faster visual rehabilitation, greater tectonic strength and less risk of graft rejection.