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Psoriatic arthritis: the joint and beyond



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© ism/pr jean-denis lared0/ medical images


In psoriatic arthritis, inflammation can extend beyond the joint. Enthesitis and dactylitis are hallmarks of the disease. Extra-articular features, including inflammatory eye and bowel disease, are common. Early treatment with disease-modifying therapy is important to prevent progressive joint damage. It is also important to screen for and manage comorbidities, especially cardiovascular risk factors.

Key Points

  • Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic inflammatory arthritis with diverse musculoskeletal manifestations.
  • Extra-articular manifestations are common.
  • Comorbidities, particularly metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular risk factors and depression, are often present.
  • Early treatment with disease-modifying agents can prevent long-term joint damage and disability.
  • Screening for and managing comorbidities is also important.