In Brief


Diving with diabetes

The Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) has released the position statement Insulin-requiring diabetes and recreational diving. This is in line with growing evidence that, using a predefined protocol, people with well-controlled, insulin-requiring diabetes can dive safely without hypoglycaemia-related complications. The statement includes guidance on identifying suitability for diving, defining the scope of diving (e.g. limiting duration, diving with a partner) and blood glucose management. The statement is available at

Topical 5% fluorouracil dangerous to pets

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an alert that pets are at risk of illness and death when exposed to topical fluorouracil 5% (5-FU). Five dogs have died after ingesting Fluorouracil Cream USP 5%. 

Patients using 5-FU cream should be advised to store it out of reach of pets and carefully clean applicators, surfaces and fabrics that may retain residue of the medication. Cats are expected to be very sensitive to 5-FU and could accidentally ingest it when grooming if transferred from human hands. The alert is available online (