Global guidance on adolescent health

Globally, more than 3000 adolescents die every day, and often the deaths could have been prevented by improved health services, education and social support, according to a new report from the WHO and partners. 

The report, Global Accelerated Action for the Health of Adolescents (AA-HA!): Guidance to Support Country Implementation, reveals that in 2015, road injuries were the leading cause of death among 10- to 19-year-old boys. Most of those who died were pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists.

Road injuries were the fifth most common cause of death among adolescent girls. In girls aged 10 to 14 years, lower respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia were the leading cause of death, whereas pregnancy complications caused the most deaths in older adolescent girls.


Infant mental health awareness

June 12 to 16 is the inaugural Australian Infant Mental Health Awareness Week. The Australian Association for Infant Mental Health Inc (AAIMHI) aims to improve professional, parental and community recognition that infancy and early childhood are crucial times for the development of emotional, physical and mental health. 

More information is available on the AAIMHI website