Methylphenidate: changes to use in pregnancy

The approved Product Information for methylphenidate has been updated with new information on use in pregnancy, including updated safety information relating to birth defects and malformations, the TGA has reported. The pregnancy category has been changed from Category B3 to Category D. Although as of 4 June 2021, no cases of fetal cardiac malformations associated with methylphenidate had been reported to the TGA, the WHO’s global individual case safety report database had received 28 reports of this adverse event. Read more at:

Alcohol: main drug of concern for seeking treatment

Alcohol remains the main drug of concern for people seeking treatment from publicly funded specialised and other drug treatment services, says a new Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report. Almost 140,000 Australians aged 10 years and over received treatment for alcohol or other drug use in 2019 to 2020, with alcohol responsible for 34% of treatment episodes, amphetamines 28%, cannabis 18% and heroin 5%. The report found that treatment for amphetamine use has been increasing, with almost five times as many treatment episodes in 2019 to 2020 than 10 years previously. Read the report at: