Drug update

The thienopyridine class of antiplatelet drugs

Zane Kaplan, Saheb Al-Daher, Hatem Salem



The newer agents of the platelet ADP-receptor blocking class of drugs have greater antiplatelet efficacy and are less prone to cytochrome P450-related drug interactions than clopidogrel but are associated with an increased risk of haemorrhagic complications.

Article Extract

Thrombus formation as a result of accumulation of platelets at the site of atherosclerotic plaque rupture is the primary pathology underlying both acute cerebrovascular events and acute coronary syndromes. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the most common cause of mortality in Australia. Furthermore, the significant morbidity and effect on a patient’s quality of life imposed by CVD imparts considerable psychosocial and global economic pressures. As a consequence, platelets have become a major therapeutic target in the management of patients with CVD.