Foreword from the Editor-In-Chief

Foreword from the Editor-In-Chief

Gayle Fischer



This issue considers some of the most common skin disorders seen in general practice as well as some less common presentations.

Accurate and family-focused advice from GPs is key to successful management of atopic dermatitis, the most common chronic skin disease in children, as well as management of other dermatosis in prepubertal children, including nappy rash, neonatal acne and psoriasis.

GPs have a frontline role in managing acne in patients from prepubescence to middle age and in addressing its psychological impact. Many recent developments have occurred in acne treatment.

Treatment of psoriasis has been revolutionised with increased understanding of the immunological mechanisms underlying the condition and expansion in the range of targeted therapies available. Although biologic therapies are prescribed by specialists, it is important for the wider medical community to understand their role. 

Finally, test your diagnostic skills in three dermatology quizzes. What are the differential diagnoses and causes of the lesions in these case presentations?

I hope you enjoy reading this informative collection of dermatology articles.