Correction: Insulin in type 2 diabetes: initiating and titrating treatment

The article ‘Insulin in type 2 diabetes: initiating and titrating treatment’ by Dr Melissa Katz and Dr Ashim Sinha published in the February 2019 issue of Medicine Today (pages 55 to 59) contains an error in the table entitled ‘Characteristics of insulin formulations available in Australia’ on page 58. In the row ‘Combination of an ultra-long-acting basal insulin and an ultra-short-acting insulin (clear) – degludec/aspart (70%/30%) (Ryzodeg 70/30)’, the ‘When to use’ column should read ‘Used once or twice daily with main carbohydrate meal(s); if once daily, timing of dose can be varied as long as used with main meal’. Furthermore, on page 56, column 3, there should have been a subheading ’Combination insulins’ before the paragraph beginning ‘Premixed insulins …’, and the second sentence in the paragraph beginning ‘A novel insulin coformulation …’ should have read ‘If indicated, this coformulation can be commenced in insulin-naive patients once daily with the largest carbohydrate meal at a dose of 10 units, but it can be uptitrated to twice daily as needed8’, with the order of the second and third sentences reversed.

We apologise for this error and these omissions and any confusion they may have caused. The online version and full-text pdf of this article are correct at