National advice on e-cigarettes

National advice on the use of e-cigarettes has been delivered by the National Health and Medical Research Council. Based on in-depth evidence reviews and an extensive toxicology report, the advice states that vapour from e-cigarette devices can be harmful and there is limited evidence that e-cigarettes are effective at helping smokers quit. It notes that e-cigarettes containing nicotine are addictive, and people who have never smoked are more likely to take up tobacco smoking if they use e-cigarettes. Read the full advice at:


New asthma education resources

Two new asthma resources are available on the National Asthma Council Australia’s website. The first is a chart providing a visual reference to medications for each level of the Australian Asthma Handbook’s diagram ‘Selecting and Adjusting Medication for Adults and Adolescents’, available at  The second resource is  an updated version of ‘The Asthma & COPD Medications Chart’ that includes the latest inhalers available in Australia and PBS reimbursement status of each medication as of April 2022, available at: