Women’s health

September 4 to 8 is women’s health week and aims to encourage women to put their own health first, because women are often in a carer role. Particular attention is on cardiovascular health, bone health and adequate sleep and exercise. Further information is available on the website.

Health professionals are #NotATarget

On World Humanitarian Day, the WHO draws attention to the millions of civilians caught up in armed conflict. This year the WHO focused on those who died as a result of an attack on a health facility. In 2016, 418 people died because a health facility was attacked; during the two years prior, 959 people died and 62% of attacks were reported to have intentionally targeted health care. Access the 2014–2015 report, the 2016 data or sign the petition online.

Springtime storms

Springtime thunderstorms in regions with high grass pollen concentrations can lead to thunderstorm asthma in susceptible individuals, which includes people who are not known to have asthma. Thunderstorm asthma is one of the topics of this year’s National Asthma Week (1 to 7 September).