In Brief


Global impact of childhood cancer

Childhood cancers collectively are the sixth biggest contributor to the total cancer burden worldwide, after adult cancer of the lung, liver, stomach, colon and breast, and the ninth lead­ ing cause of childhood disease burden globally, reports the first analysis to quantify the impact of childhood cancer in terms of years of healthy life lost to ill­ health and premature death. Mechanisms for addressing cancer burden in adults are not as relevant to childhood cancers, which generally pro­gress rapidly, are not amenable to screening programs aiming to identify precancerous growths and are fatal without swift diagnosis and treatment. This highlights the crucial role for early diagnosis and treat­ ment, the report, published inThe Lancet Oncology, noted. (­-2045(19)30339­0/fulltext).

CMI format to change

An improved format for consumer medicine information (CMI) that features a one-page summary that succinctly provides people with the most critical information relating to safety and effective use of their medicines is to be introduced by the Australian Government, the TGA has announced. The TGA will publish later this year the new template with instructions on its use, with a transition period planned as pharmaceutical companies revise their material. The changes are a response to concerns from health pro­fessionals on the complexity and readability of currently available CMIs.