Position statement on GDM

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is the fastest growing diabetes type in Australia, with almost 41,000 women diagnosed with the condition in 2019, and up to 500,000 estimated to develop it over the next decade, says a new position statement by Diabe­tes Australia, the Australian Diabetes Educators Associa­tion and Australian Diabetes Society. The statement includes discussion on key issues relating to GDM, and recommendations on care women should receive. It calls for new approaches on pre­pregnancy planning, support and management during pregnancy, and post­ pregnancy follow up for ongoing type 2 diabetes screening and prevention. Read the statement via: https://diabetessociety.com.au/position-statements.asp.

Contraception trends in Australia

About two­-thirds of Australian women at risk of pregnancy were using contraception between 2005 and 2015, but there was a 10% unmet need for family planning, says Family Planning NSW in its new report Contraception in Australia 2005-2018. Oral contraction was the most frequently used method, with use exceeding that of other developed nations (29% vs 17%, respectively). And while there were small but consis­tent increases in the use of long­-acting reversible contra­ceptive methods (LARCs), from 3% to 5.1% for implant use and 1.6% to 4.5% for IUD use from 2005­-2015, these rates were lower than those in other developed countries. Access the report via: https://www.fpnsw.org.au/research/publications/statistical-reports.