COVID-19 vaccines for patients with cancer

Evidence-based information about COVID-19 vaccines for people affected by cancer has been launched by Cancer Australia. The responses to 25 frequently asked questions from people with, and those affected by, cancer were developed in consultation with the cancer community and the Australian Government Department of Health. Vaccine safety, efficacy and potential risks; whether the vaccine may impact cancer treatment; and when and where patients with cancer can receive a vaccine are among the topics covered. Read more at:

Venomous bites and stings data

Bees were responsible for more than one-quarter of the 3520 hospitalisations due to contact with a venomous animal or plant in Australia in 2017-18, according to a new Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report. Spider bites accounted for one-fifth of these hospitalisations, with redback spiders the most common cause (283 cases), followed by white-tailed spiders (38 cases) and funnel web spiders (38 cases). Venomous snakes were responsible for 17% of the hospitalisations, with brown snakes accounting for 36% of these cases. The highest rate of hospitalisations occurred in the Northern Territory (31 cases/100,000 population). Read more at: