New standard of care for cataract

The first national standard of care for patients with cataract have been released by the Australian Commis­sion on Safety and Quality in Health Care. Central to the Cataract Clinical Care Standard is improving the referral, assessment and prioritisation process for patients with cataract. According to the Commis­sion, the standard will ensure cataract treatment is appropriate and more effi­cient, with patients who are more likely to benefit from surgery being clearly identi­fied. Read the standard at:­and­resources/resource­library/cataract­clinical­care­standard.

Action on written asthma action plans

The National Asthma Council Australia is encouraging all healthcare professionals to check that their patients with asthma have a personalised, up-to-date, written asthma action plan (WAAP) and that patients or carers under­ stand how to follow it. Con­cerns that many people with asthma are not following a WAAP when they have an asthma flare and may ultimately end up in hospital and that some patients may avoid visiting their GP during the COVID­19 pandemic have led to the National Asthma Council’s call to action. People with asthma are also being urged to visit their GP to ensure they have an up-to-date WAAP. WAAP templates can be downloaded via the Council's website (