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Foot care in diabetes

The ABCS of foot care in diabetes: B is for blood

Pat Phillips, Angela Evans
This third article on risk factors for foot problems in people with diabetes discusses the common clinical problems associated with peripheral vascular disease.
Key Points

    The major risk factors for foot problems in people with diabetes are anaesthesia (i.e. peripheral neuropathy), decreased blood supply (i.e. peripheral vascular disease [PVD]), inadequate routine preventive foot care and abnormal foot structure. Together these factors are known as the ABCS of foot care, or the podiatric ABCS – A, anaesthesia; B, blood; C, care; and S, structure. This article reviews the second of these factors – decreased blood supply. Two previous articles in this series discussed the assessment of the ABCS and the various aspects of peripheral neuropathy (published in the November and December 2008 issues of Medicine Today respectively), and future articles will discuss the other risk factors. A patient handout on foot care for people with diabetes, ‘Your foot report’, will conclude the series.

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