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To sign or not to sign. Dealing with requests for vaccination exemption

Frank H Beard, Nicholas Wood



There are few valid reasons to sign an Immunisation Medical Exemption form. It is important that GPs understand what these are, and how to manage common vaccine concerns that may contribute to exemption requests.

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Article Extract

Anecdotal reports suggest that more parents are presenting to GPs requesting completion of an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Immunisation Medical Exemption form since the Federal Government’s ‘no jab, no pay’ policy was introduced on 1 January 2016. The no jab, no pay policy removed the ability for parents to register ‘conscientious objections’ to vaccination, which allowed them to be exempt from the requirement that their children be fully vaccinated to receive certain Federal Government family assistance payments. A new AIR Immunisation Medical Exemption form, which currently only GPs are able to complete, was also introduced on 1 January 2016 and is available online (

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