May 2016

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Ophthalmology clinic
Clare L Fraser
Addiction medicine
Ian Thong, Vivienne Miller
Women's health
Karen Canfell, Marion Saville, Ian Hammond, Lara Roeske
Dermatology clinic
Andrew Lee, Gayle Fischer
Dermatology clinic
Andrew Lee, Gayle Fischer
Drug update
Arianne N Sweeting, Ian D Caterson
Clinical case review
Julia Shrosbree, Andreas Zankl, Jacqueline Center


Medicine Today Dermatology Collection
Triggers and treatment of rosacea
Allergy testing in paediatric atopic dermatitis
Treatment of actinic keratoses – be sure first
Postadolescent acne in women
Treating cutaneous warts: what are the options?
Biologics and psoriasis today

Medicine Today’s
Dermatology Quiz

A vesiculopustular eruption of the beard

A 42-year-old man presents with a vesiculopustular eruption on both sides of his beard that is itchy and painful.

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