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Medical and surgical treatment of recurrent corneal erosions

Ravinder Singh, Gerard Sutton
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Topical lubrication is the mainstay of medical treatment for recurrent corneal erosion, with surgery being reserved for those patients in whom medications fail to control symptoms or are not tolerated.

Article Extract

Recurrent corneal erosion (RCE) syndrome is a relatively common and painful eye condition characterised by recurrent sloughing off of the corneal epithelium. It is episodic in nature and typically occurs after corneal injury, generally in patients with an underlying corneal dystrophy. The first symptom of an episode is usually pain upon awakening or that causes the patient to wake up.

RCE syndrome is a not uncommon presentation in primary care medicine. Although the condition is not immediately sight-threatening, patients are often quite distressed and bewildered on presentation because of the combination of severe pain and the unexpected nature of the problem. A history of eye pain upon awakening and opening the eyes or that awakens the patient is highly suggestive of RCE syndrome.