Feature Article

Curing hepatitis C in general practice: a 12-step guide

David Baker



The recent PBS listing of the direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) gives GPs the opportunity to cure most of their patients living with chronic hepatitis C. A 12-step approach can help GPs to assess their patients, to select the appropriate treatment regimen, to monitor through treatment and to refer for specialist care when necessary.

Key Points

  • Hepatitis C infection is now curable with direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) in over 90% of patients.
  • DAAs can be prescribed by GPs in consultation with a specialist.
  • Although treatment is straightforward, it is important to assess liver fibrosis and to refer patients with cirrhosis for specialist care.
  • The 12-step guide described here provides a framework for safe, effective treatment of hepatitis C virus infection in primary care.

    Picture credit: © Science Source/Mark Phares/Diomedia.com