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Ear, nose and throat medicine

Noisy breathing in children. When to be concerned

Connor O’Meara, Marlene Soma

Noisy breathing in children can be concerning for both parents and clinicians. Assessment requires a systematic approach and identification of features that warrant further specialist or emergency department review.

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Irritable bowel syndrome: an update on diagnosis and management

Yanna Ko, Vincent Ho

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) requires a longitudinal, multimodal approach to treatment, which GPs are uniquely placed to give. A positive diagnosis, in conjunction with dietary and lifestyle modifications as first-line treatment, followed by pharmacological and psychological therapies, engages and supports patients with IBS.

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Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Paediatrics clinic

Migraine in children and adolescents

Michelle Lorentzos
A thorough approach to history, awareness of red flags and a systematic approach to management will achieve the best outcomes for children with migraine.
Women's health

Obesity and weight management in women at midlife

Joseph Proietto
Women are particularly at risk of obesity at midlife due to menopausal weight gain. Rapid weight loss can be achieved using a very low energy ketogenic diet and maintained with lifestyle changes and appetite suppressing medications.
Rheumatology clinic

Taking a grip of thumb osteoarthritis

Leticia A. Deveza, Vicky Duong, David J. Hunter

Thumb base osteoarthritis has a large impact on hand function and overall quality of life. It presents a challenge to clinicians due to the lack of highly efficacious treatment options.