Peer Reviewed Feature Articles

Breast cancer: challenges in treating young women

Lynne Mann, Lucia Saliba

Although rare, young women diagnosed with breast cancer face unique challenges. A tailored approach, from screening and diagnosis to treatment, and input from a multidisciplinary team are the cornerstones of management.

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Psychiatry and psychology

Preventing falls in older people with dementia

Morag E. Taylor, Jacqueline C.T. Close

Falls are common among older people with dementia, often with serious consequences. GPs have an important role in screening fall risk in older patients, and management varies according to whether patients are community dwelling or in residential care.

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Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Medicolegal matters

A tragic loss: pregabalin prescribing risks

Caroline Tuohey, Kelly Nickels

The case scenario of a young man who died of mixed drug toxicity involving prescription pregabalin highlights the potential risks of this medication.

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Dermatology clinic

A woman with a scaly inguinal plaque

Isobel Pye, Rebecca Bronwyn Saunderson

A 55-year-old woman presents with asymptomatic skin discolouration in her groin. What is the diagnosis?

Men's health

Assessment of male infertility in primary care

Madhuni Herath, Ie-Wen Sim

Male factor infertility should be considered for couples who have not conceived within 12 months of attempting conception. GPs are well placed to assess couples and offer counselling.