Peer Reviewed Feature Articles
Pain medicine

Chronic pain – complexities in adolescents and young adults

Mark Alcock, Daria Westerman

Successful management of chronic pain in young people requires a biopsychosocial approach using developmentally sensitive therapy. Needs-based interventions should focus on the young person’s pain experience, and developing mind–body connection and security in interpersonal relationships.

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An introduction to field therapies for photoageing

Belinda Lai, Stephen Shumack

Therapies that address sun-induced skin changes include topical retinoids and alpha-hydroxy acids, cancerised field therapies, chemical peels, and laser and other light and infrared therapies.

Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Immunisation update

Pneumococcal vaccinations in Australia: current recommendations and beyond

Daniel A. Norman, Sanjay Jayasinghe

Pneumococcal disease is predicted to increase in Australia over the coming months. Clinicians should be aware of the available pneumococcal vaccines and the updated recommendations to effectively advise about and administer vaccines to those who will benefit most.

Focus on pregnancy

Perinatal depression and anxiety

Vijay Roach
Perinatal mental health disorders are common and distressing for parents and their children. Universal screening for perinatal depression and anxiety in this population can help ensure affected women and partners receive the support and treatment they need.