Peer Reviewed Feature Articles
Endocrinology and metabolism

Timing of therapy in osteoporosis: does it matter?

Isobelle Smith, John A. Eisman, Kiernan Hughes

The timing and choice of treatment for osteoporosis is determined by individual patient factors and preferences. Many patients require indefinite treatment; however, select patients may be eligible for a monitored treatment break after five to ten years of therapy.

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Cardiovascular medicine

Chronic hypertension and pregnancy – emphasising longitudinal care to improve maternal and fetal health

Catherine Brumby, Lawrence P. McMahon

With the incidence of chronic hypertension in pregnant women rising, a sound understanding of the risk of pregnancy complications and appropriate management are important in reducing potential maternal and fetal morbidity. A diagnosis of chronic hypertension made preconception allows for timely pre-pregnancy counselling and planning to improve antenatal care and optimise outcomes.

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Ear, nose and throat medicine

Managing epistaxis – a guide for GPs

Michael Lee, Yuresh Naidoo

Epistaxis is a common presentation in general practice. A methodical approach to management, including careful history and examination, can help identify red flags and prompt further investigation as well as help guide effective treatment.

Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Endocrinology clinic

Obstructive sleep apnoea and obesity

Linda M. Schachter
Obesity is potentially one of the strongest risk factors for obstructive sleep apnoea, with weight loss having a significant but variable effect on the severity of obstructive sleep apnoea.
Dermatology clinic

Bilateral erythematous plaques on the legs

Isobel Pye, Rebecca Bronwyn Saunderson

A 64-year-old man presents with a progressive discolouration of his lower legs and recent exacerbation of symptoms, including pruritus and pain. What is the diagnosis?