Peer Reviewed

Foreword from the Supplement Editor, Focus on COPD

Professor Christine McDonald AM MB BS(Hons), PhD, FRACP, FThorSoc

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects millions of people worldwide and presents a significant burden to individuals, families and healthcare systems. As well as being burdensome in terms of day-to-day symptoms, this condition is frequently associated with exacerbations or flare-ups and is a leading cause of preventable hospitalisations and mortality. COPD demands our collective attention, and concerted efforts are required to ensure accurate and earlier diagnosis as well as better prevention and management.

In this supplement, titled Focus on COPD, our expert contributors offer insights into the latest research as well as their own clinical practice to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively navigate the complexities of COPD management. Highlights include recommendations regarding the key role of spirometry, along with clinical assessment, in reaching a diagnosis; the practicalities involved in obtaining spirometric testing; a vignette-based and management focused discussion of so-called ‘asthma-COPD overlap’; recommendations for preventing and managing COPD and its exacerbations, including new options; individualising the choice of inhaler and a consideration of the important role of pulmonary rehabilitation in managing patients with this disorder.