Emergency medicine

Cancer, delirium or psychosis in a pharmacist?

Gordian Fulde



Emergencies can spring up at any time and in many incarnations. Are you adequately equipped to deal with them? Each month we present a case study in emergency medicine based on real cases and events. Would you have been able to help this patient?

Article Extract

Working as a GP in the area, as well as doing shifts in the Emergency Department, you have become accustomed to meeting people and patients you know.

You have just started your shift and, as is usual, it is time for the round. The pack is made up of doctors, key nurses, the social worker and the drug and alcohol counsellor. There is often a tail made up of local and overseas students. It has been a fairly awful day so there are a few patients still to be seen, lying in the cubicles with that apprehensive ‘Am I going to see the doctor soon?’ look.