Case studies in diabetes care

ABCss: s is for smoking

John Litt, Pat Phillips



Options for encouraging patients to quit smoking are discussed in this case study of a smoker with type 2 diabetes.

Article Extract

The case studies in this series focus on the ABCss of diabetes care (A1c, blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, salicylates), how to get them closer to target and how to keep them there.

Case scenario

Sam is visiting the surgery because he has run out of his cholesterol tablets. However, he says, he has been taking his diabetes and blood pressure tablets so his blood pressure can be taken and his glycosylated haemoglobin (A1c) checked while he is here.

As he takes off his coat so the sphygmomanometer cuff can be put on, you smell tobacco smoke. After measuring his blood pressure (which is a bit high at 156/82 mmHg), you ask Sam how many cigarettes he smokes each day. He looks a bit sheepish and tells you, ‘about 10 to 15 a day, but I am cutting back steadily’.