Men's health

Peyronie’s disease: underdiagnosed and undertreated

Christopher J Love, Darren J Katz



Peyronie’s disease is a condition commonly seen in urological practice, but is probably still poorly identified and understood in the wider medical community, and certainly by most of the public. Identifying the condition and appropriately referring affected patients can significantly lessen the physical and psychological effects.

Article Extract

The development of a bent erection, usually for no obvious reason, causes real concern to men who develop Peyronie’s disease (PD), and there is reluctance to talk about it. Franois Gigot de La Peyronie first described the condition in 1743, but we still do not understand it fully and it has proven resistant to ‘cure’.1 None of our current treatments are able to return the penis to its predisease state, but there is much that treatment can do to improve the patient’s situation.

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