Peer Reviewed Feature Articles
Cardiovascular medicine

Closing the gap for women with coronary artery disease

Louise Segan, Sonya Burgess, Sarah Zaman

More focus on female-specific risk factors and features of cardiovascular disease might help targeting of primary and secondary prevention in women.

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Psoriatic arthritis: the joint and beyond

Premarani Sinnathurai
Early treatment with disease-modifying therapy is important to prevent progressive joint damage in patients with psoriatic arthritis. It is also important to screen for and manage comorbidities.
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Cardiovascular medicine

Comorbidities in heart failure

Anita Sharma, Ingrid Hopper

Patients with heart failure can present with a challenging array of comorbid medical conditions. GPs have an important role in recognising and managing these.

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Women's health

Contraception in women aged 50 years and over

Kathleen McNamee, Deborah Bateson, Jacqueline Murdoch

Determining whether contraception is required and actively informing patients of their options will help GPs support women in the 50 years and over age group.