Peer Reviewed Feature Articles
Cardiovascular medicine

Screening for atrial fibrillation: the essential role of GPs

Katrina Giskes, Charlotte Hespe, Ben Freedman

‘Silent’ atrial fibrillation (AF) is associated with similar stroke risk as the symptomatic form. This practical summary of the Australian guidelines on AF focuses on opportunistic screening in general practice.

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Endocrinology and metabolism

Managing obesity: focus on lifestyle approaches

Janet Franklin, Kyra A. Sim, Alice A. Gibson, Stephanie R. Partridge, Ian D. Caterson

Most obese people are interested and motivated to lose weight. This article outlines some practical lifestyle approaches to help your patients achieve and maintain weight loss.

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Ear, nose and throat medicine

Three tools for managing vertigo in the frontline

Vincent A. Van Vugt, Allison S. Young, Andrew P. Bradshaw, Benjamin Nham, Margot Woods, Miriam S. Welgampola

With access to three tools – a focused history, eye examination and a management algorithm – GPs could effectively manage a large proportion of patients with vertigo.

Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Clinical case review

Recurring swelling on finger

Peter K.K. Wong, Nicholas Manolios

A 66-year-old man presents with a swollen, inflamed cuticle that discharges clear fluid following pressure.

Women's health

Ovarian cysts: distinguishing the physiological from the concerning

Nicholas B. Comninos, Shannon F. Zawada, Phillipa Ramsay, Deborah J. Bateson, Kirsten I. Black

When assessing ovarian cysts, patient history, age, menopausal status and physical examination will help determine the risk of a concerning cyst and whether referral to a specialist is warranted.