Peer Reviewed Feature Articles

Walking away from heel pain

Katrina Pavic, Heidi Kim, Queenie Luu

The timely and appropriate management of heel pain relies on an accurate diagnosis. A detailed history and focused examination are integral in determining the patient’s diagnosis and management strategies.

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Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Sexual health

Mycoplasma genitalium. The state of play

Joanne Peel, Catriona Bradshaw

M. genitalium is the causative agent of several common sexually transmitted syndromes. Current evidence does not support screening but supports testing in specific clinical scenarios. Treatment is challenging due to increasing drug resistance.

Travel medicine update

Rabies immunisation: update for travellers

Sonny Lau
Although Australia is rabies-free, rabies-like lyssaviruses carried by bats pose a risk of infection. Australians travelling to and arriving from rabies-prone areas are also at risk of contracting rabies.