Peer Reviewed Feature Articles
Cardiovascular medicine

Resistant hypertension – updates, issues and approach to management

Catherine Brumby, Kathryn Ducharlet, Robert Macginley, Limy Wong

Differentiating resistant hypertension from other causes is important for successful management. An individualised approach that includes modifying lifestyle and diet and optimising pharmacotherapies is recommended.

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Ear, nose and throat medicine

Aural discharge. Types, causes and treatment

Melville J. Da Cruz
Otorrhoea is a common problem that is usually solved by ear toileting and short-term antibiotic ear drops. Specialist referral is required for patients with ongoing signs and symptoms, specific risk factors or suspected cancer of the ear canal.
Respiratory medicine

Obstructive sleep apnoea – navigating the system

Claire M. Ellender, Cerys Jones, Craig Hukins

GPs can arrange diagnostic sleep studies and initiate treatment for many patients with OSA, as long as there are no high-risk features that necessitate sleep physician referral.

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