Peer Reviewed Feature Articles

Autism spectrum disorder in general practice

Alicia Montgomery, Terence Yoong, Valsamma Eapen

Early diagnosis, referral and intervention are key to managing children with autism spectrum disorder. GPs are fundamental in co-ordinating multidisciplinary care and evolving treatment plans across the patient’s lifespan.

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Gout – the pivotal role of primary care

Kylan Pathmanathan, Kimberly Loh, Kelly Morgan, Helen I. Keen

Despite effective pharmacotherapy, management of gout remains suboptimal. GPs play an important role in primary care-led management of gout and in helping to improve patient outcomes.

Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Gastroenterology clinic

Constipation. How to get started

Allison Malcolm
Helping adults with constipation involves education, good communication, advice on lifestyle, pharmacological therapy sometimes and more invasive treatments only rarely.
Adolescent health

Vaccination for adolescents

Cristyn Davies, S. Rachel Skinner

Ensuring vaccinations are up-to-date and missed doses are completed should be considered a standard preventive health activity for the adolescent patient in general practice.

Men's health

Low testosterone levels: focus on the man not the number

Bu B. Yeap
A holistic assessment and encouragement to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviour are recommended for men concerned about low testosterone levels in the setting of older age or illness. Testosterone therapy is only warranted in those with androgen deficiency due to underlying hypothalamic, pituitary or testicular disorders.
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