Peer Reviewed Contents
Immunology and allergy

Updated anaphylaxis guidelines: a summary for primary care

Katie Frith, Preeti Joshi
Anaphylaxis is occurring more frequently in Australia, and the rate of fatal reactions is increasing. The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy has recently updated its guidelines for the acute management of anaphylaxis.
Insect and marine animal bites and stings

Managing mammalian meat allergy and tick anaphylaxis

Sheryl Van Nunen, Andrew Ratchford
Tick-induced allergies including mammalian meat allergy and tick anaphylaxis are increasing in Australia’s east and have myriad implications. GPs need to be aware of their presentation, management and prevention.
Therapeutics clinic

Adrenaline injectors – update on prescribing

Katie Frith, Jill Smith, Constance H. Katelaris
From September 2021, two types of adrenaline injector are available on the PBS to treat anaphylaxis. These differ in their instructions for use, and a higher adrenaline dose is now possible.