Peer Reviewed Feature Articles
Cardiovascular medicine

Anticoagulation – extended treatment for venous thromboembolism

Caroline Dix, James Mcfadyen, Huyen Tran

The decision to extend anticoagulation therapy in patients with a first unprovoked or minimally provoked venous thromboembolism should be individualised, based on the risk of recurrence and bleeding, and patient preference.

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Scalp pruritus – scratching for answers

Sarah Rose Adamson, Rachael Davenport, Alvin H. Chong, Peter Foley

Scalp pruritus can be a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. The identification of certain features on history and examination can help differentiate between causes.

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Respiratory medicine

Idiopathic hypersomnia: more than usual sleepiness

Monica Hatch, David Cunnington

Excessive, persistent and unrefreshing sleep are the hallmarks of idiopathic hypersomnia. Accurate diagnosis and treatment can improve symptoms and quality of life.

Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Paediatrics clinic

ADHD in children – what the GP can do

Alison Poulton, John Kramer

GPs have an important role in assessing and arranging nonpharmacological treatment for children showing typical gestures of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Therapeutics clinic

New medications for diabetes: when to use what?

Lisa M. Raven, Roger Chen

The choice of medication for type 2 diabetes should be tailored to the individual patient. Some more recently available diabetes medications also have potential cardiovascular and renal benefits.

Innocence revisited

Life on the edge

Johanna Skinner

A life-altering diagnosis gives a new perspective on life to both patient and doctor.