Peer Reviewed Feature Articles

Nonviral hepatitis: common causes and their management

Rachael Jacob, Simone Strasser

Causes of nonviral hepatitis include metabolic-associated fatty liver disease, alcohol-related liver disease, drug-induced liver injury, biliary and pancreatic disorders, autoimmune liver disease and genetic disorders. Clinical assessment and targeted investigations can help differentiate between causes.

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Psychiatry and psychology

Managing depression using a clinical practice guideline approach

Phillip Boyce, Erica Bell, Gin S. Malhi

The updated clinical practice guidelines on mood disorders from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists provide a comprehensive framework for the treatment of patients with major depression. Addressing lifestyle factors, optimising treatment, managing withdrawal and offering alternative treatments when necessary are the key focus.

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Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Therapeutics clinic

Adrenaline injectors: update on prescribing

Katie Frith, Jill Smith, Constance H. Katelaris

From September 2021, two types of adrenaline injector are available on the PBS to treat anaphylaxis. These differ in their instructions for use, and a higher adrenaline dose is now possible.

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Focus on COVID-19

Congruence of influenza and COVID-19 vaccination

Daniel A. Norman, Zhicheng Wang, Bette Liu

An increase in COVID-19 and influenza infections is predicted in the 2022 winter season. GPs have a key role in delivering COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations, with Australian guidelines recommending coadministration.

ENT clinic

Idiopathic (Bell’s) palsy – diagnosis and management

Avinesh Chelliah, Catherine Meller

Bell’s palsy is a sudden unilateral facial paralysis without a clearly defined cause. GPs are well placed to diagnose the condition and to begin best-practice management early, allowing for good clinical outcomes.