Feature Article

Psoriasis: management of regional disease

Adrian See, Jo-Ann See



Oh no, not psoriasis! This is a common condition, yet one that is difficult to treat. No quick cure exists but correct management will achieve control for a compliant patient.

Key Points

  • Psoriasis is a common disease of the skin that affects 2% of people worldwide. It is rarely a cause of death, but can have a large psychosocial impact on those affected.
  • The choice of treatment is based on the severity and type of the disease, certain patient characteristics and previous responses to treatments (if any).
  • Counselling, individualised treatment and regular follow up are important in the proper management of psoriasis.
  • Psoriasis affecting regional areas can be controlled effectively using topical medications and lifestyle modifications. If possible, known trigger and exacerbating factors (including infection, drugs, stress and trauma) should be avoided.
  • Referral to a dermatologist is recommended if there is failure of topical treatment, involvement of more than 20% of total body surface area or diagnostic difficulty. Referral is also appropriate if it is requested by the patient.