Clinical case review

A 41-year-old woman with premature menopause

Alastair H MacLennan



Should this woman be encouraged to continue hormone therapy (HT) until the normal age of menopause?

Article Extract

Case scenario

About six years ago, a 41-year-old patient presented with symptoms suggestive of menopause, which was confirmed by hormone assays (FSH 76 IU/mL, oestradiol less than 100 pmol/mL, progesterone 0.6 nmol/mL). She was euthyroid and not anaemic, and otherwise fit and well. She had never smoked and had two healthy daughters. The patient was prescribed cyclical hormone therapy (HT), which she has used for six years. She says she feels ‘much better’ taking HT, but should she continue until the normal age for menopause?