Women's health

Addressing sexuality in women with diabetes

Margaret J Redelman



Women with diabetes may have an increased risk of sexual problems. Sensitive questioning about sexual difficulties and changes, and a multifaceted approach to treatment can help women with diabetes who want to maintain a good sex life.

Article Extract

Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease, with 280 Australians developing this condition every day. For every person known to have diabetes, it is estimated that there is another who has not yet been diagnosed. Diabetes increases the risk of sexual problems in women. As an estimated 3.2 million Australians have diabetes or pre-diabetes, there are potentially more than 1.6 million women who may have their sexual health adversely affected by diabetes, with secondary effects on their personal wellbeing and that of their partners and also their relationships. Certain groups, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, have an even greater incidence of diabetes, and sexuality issues need to be incorporated into their care in a sensitive and culturally appropriate manner.