Peer Reviewed
Diabetic urgencies

Urinary tract infections in women with diabetes

Narsing Laddiperla, Pat Phillips
Diabetes and female sex are among the risk factors for urinary tract infections. The presence of such infections should be sought in women with diabetes to preserve renal function and avoid the glycaemic and fluid and electrolyte disturbances associated with systemic unwellness.
Key Points

    Women with diabetes are at higher risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and of more complicated UTIs than women without diabetes. The investigation and management of UTIs in women with diabetes depends on the category of the UTI, as it does in women without diabetes, but is generally more intensive because of the possible adverse renal and metabolic outcomes associated with UTIs in women with diabetes.

    This article reviews the diagnosis of UTIs in women with diabetes and the appropriate management and follow up of these patients. The case of a middle-aged woman with diabetes is used as an example.

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