Peer Reviewed
Drug update

Therapeutic progress in Parkinson’s disease

Andrew H Evans, Simon Sung
Pharmacological dopamine replacement is the most effective form of treatment for patients with early Parkinson’s disease. However, it is only a symptomatic therapy. Future therapeutic strategies should therefore focus not only on ameliorating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, but also on neuroprotective or neurorescue therapies.
Key Points

    Symptomatic therapies for Parkinson’s disease remain the most effective means for control of Parkinson’s motor symptoms. However, there are several limitations associated with their use. After some time of taking their medication for Parkinson’s disease, patients usually notice that after each medication dose their symptoms go away for hours at a time (ON times) and then return (OFF times). Symptoms also return during the ‘wearing-off’ period, when Parkinson’s treatments become less effective.

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