Peer Reviewed Feature Articles

Newborn hearing loss: early diagnosis is vital

Joanna Walton, Elizabeth Peadon

Three in every 1000 children in Australia are born with some degree of hearing loss. Early diagnosis is the key to early intervention and improved outcomes from hearing rehabilitation.

Psychiatry and psychology

Acute psychosis: community care after hospital discharge

Nicholas Carr, Anthony W.f. Harris

GPs have a crucial role in the care of patients after an episode of acute psychosis has resolved, including supporting psychosocial rehabilitation and medication concordance, and monitoring physical health.

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Obstetrics and gynaecology

Abnormal liver function test results in pregnancy – causes and management

Alexander Turbayne, Ashleigh Meyn, Shivakumar Chitturi

Abnormal liver function test results are common in pregnancy and can be due to pre-existing or pregnancy-related liver disorders. The cause can be determined through a systematic approach, including history, examination and appropriate investigations.

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Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Sports medicine

Patella instability: diagnosis and management

David Zbrojkiewicz, Christopher Vertullo

Presentations of patella instability range from sudden acute debilitating dislocation requiring urgent reduction to minor episodes of subluxation. Patients who have dislocated their patella for the first time and do not have significant osteochondral injuries can be managed by their GP.