Peer Reviewed Feature Articles
Respiratory medicine

Asthma in adolescents: often overlooked, not to be forgotten

Vikram Palit, Geshani Jayasuriya, Susan Towns

Adolescents with asthma present unique challenges to the treating clinician due to physiological changes and psychosocial stressors, which often result in nonadherence and poor asthma control.

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Endocrinology and metabolism

Adjunctive therapies for obesity: pharmacotherapy, VLEDs and bariatric surgery

Janet L. Franklin, Arianne N. Sweeting, Alice A. Gibson, Ian D. Caterson

Although lifestyle interventions remain the cornerstone of obesity treatment, adjunctive therapies including very low-energy diets, pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery, along with the involvement of a multidisciplinary team, may help in obesity management.

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Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Gastroenterology clinic

Faecal occult blood tests. How and when to use (or not)

Graeme P. Young, Erin L. Symonds

The faecal immunochemical test is appropriate for people who are of average risk for colorectal cancer and has excellent performance characteristics that lead to earlier detection of the disease.

ENT clinic

Robotic head and neck surgery. A primer for GPs

Joyce P.k. Ho, Faruque Riffat

Robotic surgery can offer a minimally invasive treatment option for patients with head and neck malignancies. Patients will inevitably look to their GPs for advice on this option.