Feature Article

Effective ways to prevent recurrence of acute coronary syndrome

Julie Redfern, Tom Briffa, Rohina Joshi



More people are now returning to the community and resuming their lives after an ACS event but many of these have suboptimal access to and engagement with secondary prevention strategies. Primary care is the ideal environment for supporting lifelong management of such people.

Key Points

  • The evidence for preventing recurrent acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is compelling and deliverable in primary care.
  • Primary health professionals play a vital role in secondary prevention of ACS by ensuring patients receive optimal guideline-advocated care and are supported early and lifelong.
  • Management includes evidence-based pharmacotherapy, lifestyle advice, psychosocial support where indicated and ongoing engagement with secondary prevention strategies.
  • New technologies are providing contemporary methods of increasing access to evidence-based therapy, co-ordination of care and self-management with support.